Abundance and Success tumbled stone collection
Abundance and Success tumbled stone collection

Abundance and Success tumbled stone collection

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Abundance is not only through wealth but abundance in life, as we work on our limiting beliefs, we empower ourselves and change our mindset about money, prosperity, success and achievements. Yes, we can all do this, when we believe that we are worthy when we acknowledge our greatest intentions on life. Are you ready to work on your self-limiting beliefs? These crystals will work with you, call in your true power.

Green Aventurine 

It's a go-to stone financial success and luck of all kind. Stimulates will power and confidence. 


It helps you manifest things into your life that will serve your needs at this time. At the same time. It works to bring prosperity energy into your field. It does this by helping you to be more open to receiving it.


It was dubbed fools gold for its striking the resemblance to gold. It has been viewed as a symbol of money and good luck. Its energy is connected to solar plexus chakra, which provides you with the motivation and will power you need to move forward in your career or investment deck. It removes any fears or doubts that are blocking you from achieving success. It will provide you with the energy you need to complete projects and tasks.

New Jade 

It opens your heart to all the wisdom, prosperity and unlimited opportunities the universe has in store. Working with it guides your spirit until you have a clear understanding of the bigger plan and who you are truly meant to be.

Tigers Eye 

Connect with the energy of the Tigers Eye to see the situation through a fresh pair of eyes. It reminds you that there are multiple ways and oaths to find financial success. This stone for success will give you the will power and motivation you need to take action to achieve success. It will help you remained calm even in hectic situations, aiding in your ability to be a successful leader.

Comes in a velvet pouch and information card.