Crystal Drink Bottle “I Am Enough”
Crystal Drink Bottle “I Am Enough”
Crystal Drink Bottle “I Am Enough”

Crystal Drink Bottle “I Am Enough”

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Crystal Drink bottle with Rose Quartz Chips. 


A positive affirmation and Rose Quartz chips in your water bottle.

Start the day with a Positive Affirmation and gratitude. This water bottle is infused with the vibration of Rose quartz. The stone of LOVE - to love yourself first and fill up your cup to be able to give love to others , the affirmation I AM ENOUGH JUST AS I AM, supported by Rose Quartz energy.

According to Dr Masura Emoto , Power of Words- The effect of emotions / words and environment influences on water. in his work he found out the effect of certain emotions on water are similar to the effect on human, since we are made up of water, therefore the influence of emotion n water is similar to the effects on human. Find more about the details of his experiment.

Water is Life, if you are grateful for the water , your body absorbs the water and it will take out the information/affirmation you set, it means it will assimilate the affirmation you take in through the water, therefore water can influence your mood and the way you look at your life.

Whats included:

  • Water Bottle with protective sleeve
  • Affirmation in permanent vinyl
  • Rose Quartz chips


  • 450 ml
  • stainless cap 
  • Handwash only to prevent the vinyl from peeling off.
  • Can be used for water, juice.
Rose Quartz (Unconditional Love)
I am filled with love and compassion for my self and others
Carries unconditional love and acceptance
Bringing deep emotional healing and promoting the self love
that is essential before love is accepted from others
It attracts mutually loving relationships
Place one by your bed to attract a twin flame or soulmate
Powerful stone for healing grief or loss
Invokes self trust and enhances self worth 

Chakra: Heart, Higher self