Lavender Cleansing Stick
Lavender Cleansing Stick
Lavender Cleansing Stick

Lavender Cleansing Stick

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Lavender from my garden with preserved flowers, freshly made to be used as a cleansing stick. You can use to purify your space, cleanse your crystals and  your energetic body. 

Lavender - Most often used for healing, love, protection, peace, purification and sleep, Lavendr is also great for any mental health needs.



  •  Say your intention
  • Open doors or windows of your room to promote air circulation and the release of stagnant energies 
  • Light the tip and blow out the flame 
  • Wave the stick, allowing the smoke to go everywhere, or on top of the crystals that you want to cleanse 
  • Make sure you have a plate, or a bowl, or an abalone shell to catch the ashes .
  • Re lght the stick as needed.
  • When you are done, make sure it is fully extinguished. 


Always use caution when using or burning, keep out of reach of children. Do not leave unattended when lit. Keep door or windows open.