Rose Quartz Pendulum
Rose Quartz Pendulum
Rose Quartz Pendulum
Rose Quartz Pendulum

Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Rose Quartz (Unconditional Love)

I am filled with love and compassion for my self and others

Carries unconditional love and acceptance

Bringing deep emotional healing and promoting the self love that is essential before love is accepted from others

It attracts mutually loving relationships

Place one by your bed to attract a twin flame or soulmate

Powerful stone for healing grief or loss

Invokes self trust and enhances self worth 

Chakra: Heart, Higher self


How to use your Pendulum:

  1. Hold it in your hands and set an intention.
  2. Ask your pendulum to show you what a yes is. Sometimes it will go back and forth, or in a circle. Everyone’s will be different.
  3. Now, ask your pendulum to give you a no. It should be different than your yes.
  4. With the movement for your two answers established, ask your pendulum yes or no question, and see what the answer is.

Remember that a Pendulum is a tool for you to find answers. Whatever is your intention, use it for your Higher Good.