Crystals for the Heart

The heart governs the psyche, consciously and unconsciously. Our heart can feel all the emotions, it is not only relationships but our emotions, attitudes and feelings.

If a toxic feelings or emotions and heartbreaks are stuck in our hearts, it leads to a psychosomatic dis-ease and challenging relationships, not just with others but for ourselves, sometimes we need a good cry, feel it and when we are ready to release then we can work with these crystals.

How do we release stuck emotions?

First of all, when we acknowledge that it is time to work on your heart, then it is more effective.

Intuitively choose  crystal that will help you align your energy, have an intention, you might say "I am working with Rose Quartz to help me ease the pain in my heart". Whatever you want to work on. Hold on to the crystal, you might feel like you want to put the crystal in your heart or just hold on to it, envision a light coming from the top of your head and going through the crystal, as the light gets bigger, the crystalline energy will align with your own energy field and trust that it is doing it's magic. 

Stay there for awhile soaking in the beautiful flow of energy. When you are ready, you can say an affirmation. The I AM. I am Loved, I am open to Love, I am forgiving others.

Work with the crystals as much as possible or as long as you feel like it. As I always say trust your intuition.