About Us

How it all began...


Hi, hello, kumusta, we are Joy and Micah and together we bring you Crystal Infinity! We are a mother daughter team and we operate from our home in a small town called Camden, Australia.

We were both born in the Philippines and we can speak fluent Tagalog to each other which is awesome when we need to have a little chit chat or if Joy (Mum) gets a message from our guides in public she can easily blurt it out in private. Our bond is very sisterly sometimes, we have a lot of fun being silly, dancing, play wrestling even and we balance each other out like yin and yang. I can tell you that having a mum with psychic abilities is a perk but also means I can keep no secrets from her, as she reads me like a book.

Our decision to start a business together was both sudden but also a big YES for us both as we shared a love for crystals, healing, meditation and all things high vibrating. I can vividly pinpoint the day that Joy came to me and said she needed to show me something. I was so intrigued as her expression showed it was something very special to her, she then showed me how she could release and move energy by giving me my first energy healing session. Joy had always been drawn to helping and healing others, she use to work as a nurse in the Philippines and I truly believe that the universe guides us back to our purpose when we stray. I saw her overcome Cancer and a big car accident which ultimately led to her feeling awakened by these obstacles and becoming her big AHA moment. She could no longer refuse the call to step into a new chapter and wanted to dedicate her life to helping others. She studied how to harness her new abilities and took courses in Crystal Dreaming, Energy Healing and Akashic Record Reading and just trusted her intuition and was divinely guided. She has now helped many individuals to unlock their inner power, release old wounds and connect to their higher self through her sessions. 

Crystal Infinity is very near and dear to us as it’s not just a business but our way to give back to others and connect to something bigger and higher than us. That’s why we are so grateful for everyone that we’ve met so far during this journey and all the beautiful lives that have let us in. Thank you, we see you and we love you ♥️