Herb & Palo Santo Kit

Smoke Cleansing Kit (Sage) 

Sage is great for clearing the air of bacteria or mould residue especially if you’ve moved into a new place. But one of its most common uses is to energetically cleanse a space, by getting rid of any old and stagnant energy often left by other people who have inhabited the space before you and inviting in new and positive energy and that’s where you set an intention. The intention can be to invite more love, creativity, abundance, freedom and light. Anything that resonates with you. So basically you burn the sage stick and the white smoke that releases from burning it is so pure and high vibrating that it ushers away anything that doesn’t serve you in your highest light and leaves your place cleansed and ready to go for your new chapter.

How and why should I clear my space?

The nature of today’s modern world means there is a lot of information and energy exchange. We are exposed to so many more pathways of energy and interactions both physically and digitally. That is why it can be easy to accumulate unwanted energy that doesn’t serve us. We can often feel drained, heavy or exhausted and not know the cause. Often we become use to this feeling and think its normal or think that this is just the way things are. Smudging is one of the powerful ways to help release the unwanted and usher in renewed energy. 

How to use

Light the tip and extinguish the flame allow the smoke to spread gently around your space while you set your intentions. You can remove/cut the crystal before using the smudge stick and implement it into your smudging ritual. The flowers/leaves included in the bundle can be burnt too if you like and or you can remove it.