Sunstone Tumbled stone
Sunstone Tumbled stone

Sunstone Tumbled stone

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Vitality • Happiness •Confidence

Are you feeling gloom, sad and down? When things around us are affecting our moods. We sometimes need a good cry, uplifting music, chocolate, chit chat with mates or a good vibes that Sunstone is emitting. ☀️

This a palm stone or what they call worry stone. Put in your pocket and when you are feeling the emotions pooping up, use this. 

Sunstone revitalizes the body and lift dark moods. If you have lost your enthusiasm for life, Sunstone motivates, facilitating self empowerment and installing awareness of your own value.

It make you move forward, thereby dissolving co dependency and supports your own power.

Encourages optimism and enthusiasm. 

Chakra: Base, sacral, solar plexus