Akasshic Records Reading  done by Joy from Australia
Akashic Records prayer is said during the session.
Akashic Records reading online
Akashic Records for your soul

Akashic Records Reading (online or one on one)

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Are you 
    • Seeking clarity in your life purpose.
    • Feeling the desire to be connected with your inner self.
    • Do you have repeated patterns of trauma, negative events.
    • Experiencing difficulties with your relationships with yourself and others.
    • Suffering from lack of self worth and self love.
    • Feeling negative energies based in anger, sadness, hatred and exhaustion.
    • Finding the growth in your spiritual development but not sure how to proceed. 
    • Tying to understand where your core wounding and issue stems from. 


  • Then you are ready to understand who you truly are at a soul level.
  • Empower yourself by knowing your strength and capabilities to ascend your energy level.
  • Be connected to your Higher Self. Your Higher self is the best version of yourself, loving, nurturing and allowing you to live your life with ease, joy and happiness.
  • Cleanse negative influences and realignment of your soul to take place.
  • Learn to trust the inner messages, where you can feel in your body, it will tell you and show you the truth.
  • Wanting to move forward and step into the next phase of your life. 



The Akashic Record is an energetic library that holds the memory of all of our Soul life experiences.

It provides information that can support you in your journey of self discovery by revealing and accessing your past soul life experiences and current life experiences which then shows you your strengths and challenges. On a cellular memory level you will remember these lives and connect with each story and the qualities of your soul will be the same in each experience.

This session is one on one or online and we can use FB messenger or Skype. 

We will meditate first, ground ourselves and when you are ready, then I will open your Akashic Record, if you are very receptive you will be able to see, feel or hear. At times I will step in to guide you and help you to release or cut off cords but ultimately I am there to support you in your journey to healing yourself.



In an Akashic Record Reading we will open up the Akashic Records through an intentional prayer. You will be given an opportunity to ask 3-5 main questions about specific areas in your life that you'd like more clarity around.

For example: your health, relationships, family, direction, career, finances, soul connections to others, soul purpose etc.

The information is channeled  and the participant is welcomed to write or record what is expressed. It can also be conveyed through seeing, feeling and inner knowing.

As the story opens you are welcome to ask more questions to delve further into the story.

During the Reading we will be given past soul life or past experiences in your current life (like childhood memories or experiences) that relate to where the issue has stemmed from. This is the part of your story that needs healing so you can move forward and let go of this reoccurring story.

We discuss how the information is relevant to your current life and talk about the ways the information resonates with you.

The Healing connects you to whatever areas of your life that needed healing whether it's your current life or your past soul lives.

We set an intention to let go of the old ways of responding and bring in to the cellular memory the positive qualities, strengths and abilities you have lived in other past soul lives or past memories/experience. These come into the forefront of your memory within the cells of your body and you adopt these new ways of responding after the healing.

We welcome any guides, angels, higher beings and those who have passed over that you are closely connected to in spirit world to assist in the healing.

This is very powerful and transformational. It reaches the core point of where the healing needs to take place.

Discovering and revisiting certain moments and shedding light on your experiences has a ripple effect of healing your current life situation allowing you to adopt a new way of living. Sometimes all we need is to feel seen and heard in our moments of trauma and that can have the most profound effect on your journey to understanding yourself deeper. 

After this in depth reading we close the Akashic Records through a verbal prayer.



Book with me online. If you need more information or want to chat about Akashic Record Reading then please reach me via email or other social media  platforms. 

This session is 75 minutes and for 18 years and above.





Read what others say after their Akashic Records reading and how it improved their life .

TESTIMONIALS: They are done online FB Messenger or SKYPE

I had my Akashic Records Healing session with Joy and it was amazing! She's super intuitive and delivers spot on messages!! She's also such a genuine, warm, kind and humble person. I felt so safe and comfortable opening up during the session. I got a huge energetic and emotional release from the session and I got wonderful answers to all my questions! I will definitely book another session with Joy! She's magic! 💜 FELICIA from Sweden

Thank you Joy for an incredible session. The insights I received brought so much clarity. I appreciate your guidance in your vivid visions, which helped me in putting the puzzle together. You have a beautiful way of supporting, listening and holding space. Thank so much for sharing your gift with me.  NICOLE from Sydney 

Hi Joy, Thanks so much for your reading. I really feel like something has lifted and the energy flows freely now. It was also so simple and easy and I realised that I am much more connected to Spirit than I think I am with my logical mind. So I even feel more confident now, other than empowered and calmer! Your guidance has been fundamental and I felt like you were holding my hand and this made a great difference.  Marianna, Italy