Balance and Calm tumbled stones collection
Balance and Calm tumbled stones collection

Balance and Calm tumbled stones collection

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Balance and Calm (PINK VELVET POUCH)

When you acknowledge that you need a rest, to slow down, breathe in and be in the new moment, then you may want to meditate or be in the now moment , hold on to the crystals, carry with you or just have then around your space. These crystals will help you switch off your chattering mind, clarify your thoughts and assist you in bringing harmony and ease in your life.

Howlite reduces anxiety, tension and stress. It calms, soothes emotions. Slows overactive mind and helps to achieve deep, restful sleep.

Amethyst Stilling the mind. Stress reliever. Enhances memory and decision making. Improves motivation. Relieves compulsion, obsession and neediness. It dispels anger, fear, rage or anxiety.

Botswana Agate It is comforting and protective, soothing to those who are lonely, easily hurt or grieves a loss. Its quiet energy is particularly centring in meditation. It supports love and strength to look for a solution rather than dwelling on difficulties.

Lepidolite It fosters tranquil, peaceful and calming energies for your mind, body and spirit. Lepidolite is also one of the best crystals to use for anxiety and stress relief, as it naturally contains lithium and much. Use your Lepidolite in this crystal ritual to get rid of anxiety.

Flourite Excellent for processing information so that the mind becomes sharper. Flourite overcomes at disorganisation or stress, physical or mental. Releases constant worry and invites you into the present moment. Balances the mind and mental body.


Comes in a velvet pouch and an information card.