Crystals for Children
Crystals for Children

Crystals for Children

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Children are instantly drawn to crystals, loving their sparkly energies, although we ask that you should follow these precautions: Keep your crystals out of reach for younger children. Use tumbled stones, not sharp crystals. Use only crystals that are large enough, not to be swallowed. Supervision is encouraged when small children are handling crystals.

Tigers Eye
This is the stone for the child who needs to stand up for himself or herself. Promoting assertiveness, Tiger’s eye encourages your children to reach out and ask for help when they are confused, puzzled, or simply needing assistance. It facilitates your children’s ability to make good decisions because they learn to pay attention to the quality of the person from whom they are getting help.


Rose Quartz
It is very supportive and soothing. Rose quartz helps your children connect to the power of their hearts and the comfort of learning how to love themselves. The ability to self-soothe is one of the most important aspects of emotional development that facilitates your children’s capacity to engage in healthy loving relationships as they grow.



Fluorite supports a healthy curiosity that creates order out of chaos and makes

learning fun. It is an excellent study buddy at home and can support learning

at school. It encourages them to positively embrace change as a way of life.


This mineral will cheer your child on to success. Bloodstone supports the development of every talent and ability with which your child is graced. It supports your child’s capacity to learn and encourages the development of positive decision-making.

Dalmatian Jasper

Attunes to the inner child within. Useful pick up for depression or energy depletion. It contains Tourmaline that quickly transmute negative energy. Guard against nightmares.